Rug Care 101


Shedding of loose fibers may occur but will diminish over time. Expect the most shedding to occur within the first 3–6 months. Vacuum regularly in a low-power setting. Use a vacuum cleaner without a beater brush, which may cause damage. For best results, vacuum from different directions, making several passes over the area.


Attend to the spill or stain as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of permanent damage.

To clean a spill, place a damp chamois or paper towel over the spill and apply reasonable pressure to draw up as much of the stain as possible. You may use a mild soap if needed. If the stain is still apparent, passing water through the rug will help ensure the entire stain is removed. The area may be saturated with any amount of water to achieve this, provided there is room to drain or a towel to absorb the liquid. First, place a towel or grouping of paper towels underneath the area of the rug with the stain. Slowly pass water from the top of the rug to the towels underneath to absorb the stain. Avoid rubbing, as this will disturb the fiber.

Rug Pad

To protect your investment, use a rug pad (sold separately). A rug pad provides traction between the rug and floor to prevent slipping, keeps the rug smooth and flat, and prevents color transfer. We also recommend avoiding direct and continuous exposure to sunlight and using rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening. Do not pull loose ends. Instead, clip them with scissors to remove them.

Your Rug

Rotate Your Rug

Rugs are meant to last, and rotating can make them last even longer. You can also flip their orientation if you know people pass through a portion of a room to other parts of the house.


Regular vacuuming is essential to maintaining the condition of the rug. However, many vacuums are quite strong and can damage a rug if you’re not careful. High-powered suction can unravel woven rugs, yank loops or fibers from the rug’s surface, or cause sprouts. 

The best way to avoid vacuum damage is to use a vacuum with a canister instead of a beater bar. You can also use handheld attachments. Vacuum the reverse side of your rug, too. 

Spot Clean

You can clean most rugs by spot-cleaning them. This easy technique takes the hard work out of cleaning by letting you focus on the parts of the rugs that look like they need a little love. 

Spot cleaning doesn’t take the place of deeper cleaning. Every rug needs a good, thorough clean occasionally, but you can remove minor stains or marks in a few simple steps. Be careful that you don’t use harsh chemicals that can strip your rug of color, denigrate the strength of the fibers or leave unpleasant smells behind. 

 Try these easy rug-care tips instead:

  • Try to get to spots while they’re still wet or fresh. They’ll lift more easily. 
  • Use water first. Dampen a towel or other cloth and blot. Avoid rubbing as this will disturb the fiber. 
  • You can use gentle soap or detergent on wool or other rugs as long as they’re color-fast.

Our rugs can be professionally cleaned. Please refrain from using a rug doctor and only use a professional cleaning service.

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